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Successful businesses are driven by people with, not just an idea, but also the enthusiasm, the single-mindedness and the confidence to achieve their goal.

Such people have their own particular way of doing things. So our motto is :- If your way works - DON'T FIX IT.

The last thing such a business needs is to have a load of new procedures and techno jumbo foisted onto them. A bad choice of computer solution can do irreparable damage to a business

Good management information is essential for business today. Using our programs, you don't have to learn anything new. Rather it is we who need to listen and learn your procedures so that the program does things your way. Not the other way around.

Show us where your main information bottle-necks are and if you can describe on paper how that task is currently done then we can write programs to do it automatically, reliably and much faster.

The programs that we write are tailored exactly to your need now and can be changed to suit your needs in the future. That's a promise.

Perhaps an off-the-shelf package might suit your needs. But such 'please everybody' systems tend to be very much larger and far more difficult to update and maintain. Later, when a business's needs change, there is no easy means to accommodate these new changes. The problem for the developer's of such packages is that an improvement for one may not be very desirable for another. Worse, trying to incorporate all needs of everybody into an even bigger version only exacerbate the future maintenance issues. The problem for the user is that it is then very costly to change track and switch to another package.

If our programs are difficult to use, or perform no better than your current system, then we will have failed to deliver on our promise. We will not bill you for work that fails to meet your approval. We guarantee your satisfaction.